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Family Psychotherapy

Sessions designated for the whole family (all members living together) conducted usually by two therapists. Typically the reason for seeking psychological help is a problem of the child related directly or indirectly to a difficulty located in and carried by the whole family. Psychotherapy enables the members of the family to take a closer look, what’s going on in the family – what kind of mechanisms take place in the family and what influence does it have on every member. Family members emotional difficulties and detachment deriving from it, can be an Indication for therapy.

Family psychotherapy is suitable for families, where:

  • A child or adolescent experiences troubles related with eating habits
  • Children or adolescents have problems connected to their behavior at school
  • Children or adolescents have a history of psychoactive substance use or possession
  • Family members are engaged in conflicts and it is difficult for them to have close and satisfying relations


Julita Godzisz-Brede
She graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS, with social psychology as her major. She is a certified specialist in substance dependence psychotherapy (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other dependencies). She has completed a 4-year of Family Systemic Psychotherapy course at the Center of Systemic Psychotherapy in Krakow.
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