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Couples psychotherapy

A relationship of two people is a dynamic creation that is constantly changing and goes through various phases. The relationship in its dynamics is constantly facing challenges and crisis, that are potentially a source of misunderstandings and suffering. Sometimes the partners can deal with crisis and difficulties, but it also happened that it’s very difficult. If both parties are entangled in viewing each other in a negative or biased way, it’s hard for them to be close, support each other and have a foundation for a constructive communication needed for solving problems. At times they can get stuck and come to a standstill and their relation might be risking falling apart.

When can you seek therapeutic help?

  • When you feel, that you’re drifting apart from each other
  • When you experience hopelessness in the relationship
  • When communication between you does not lead to solving problems


Julita Godzisz-Brede
She graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS, with social psychology as her major. She is a certified specialist in substance dependence psychotherapy (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other dependencies). She has completed a 4-year of Family Systemic Psychotherapy course at the Center of Systemic Psychotherapy in Krakow.
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