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Our main method is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy in our understanding serves finding inner resources needed to move your life in a proper direction to gain satisfaction and harmony. Psychotherapy it is a space between patient and therapist able to contain the patients memories, convictions, feelings and needs as well as present interactions with the therapist.

Analyzing patterns present in your life can be beneficial in creating new ones – more adaptive and your own. The therapist is a point of reference in this space created from your inner world. Someone, who can help you grasp different perspectives with curiosity and respect, but also with proper resources necessary to this responsible role. He is also a human being, which is of paramount importance, making him together with the therapeutic relation a central therapeutic tool – a source of insight and change.

1. The rules of psychotherapy

During consultations (one to three meetings), the therapist and patient are arranging the frames and rules of the psychotherapy. Apart from setting a clear scope for work, they decide the days and hours of the sessions and the cancellation procedures. After agreeing upon all the rules the therapy can start.

2. Confidentiality

The psychotherapeutic process, content of the issues we talk about and the fact of being in therapy are strictly confidential. Professional secrecy does not apply if keeping it can result in risk of health damage or death of anybody. The therapist does not speak to the patients family or anybody about the therapeutic process. This rule is important and fundamental to the safety of the psychotherapeutic relationship. There is a need however, to clinically supervise the psychotherapeutic work that takes place behind the closed door of the therapist office. Read about it below.

3. Clinical supervision

All the clinicians working at our Centre participate in meetings with a certified supervisors individually and as a team at STATEK PSYCHOLOGIA. Our team gathers once a month for clinical briefings, during which we all undergo clinical supervision of Dorota Maciejewska, who is a psychoanalyst, clinical supervisor approved by the PTP. Clinical supervision serves to keep a high standard of the psychotherapeutic service in regard to the ethics and safety of the processes. It enables keeping the best and most constructive view and understanding of the process by the leading therapist and prevent him to entangle in it causing damage to the process or directly to the patient.

During the supervision the process in discussed, but the personal details of the patient are protected. Furthermore, the supervisor and the supervision group is also obliged to keeping the confidentiality.

4. Rules regarding cancellation

Important rules discussed and established at the beginning of the psychotherapy. We have several approaches to how to handle cancellation. It depends on the style of work of the leading clinician. Some of us allow cancelling the session free of charge 24 hours before the session, some of us offer a kind of subscription, where all the sessions are payable and you can have vacation twice a year, where a fixed number of cancelled sessions are free of charge. All of those rules will be part of the unwritten therapeutic contract settled upon at the first consultations before starting therapy.


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