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Short bio

Psychotherapist working with children and grown-ups. She graduated from the University of Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw. She attended a Cognitive-behavioral Psychotherapy course at the Warsaw CBT School and is presently attending a 4-year Systemic Psychotherapy course at the Family sychotherapy Unit at the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She has completed a 1 year study for Systemic Psychotherapy at the Warsaw Laboratory of Psychoeducation.

Deals with

She has completed professional and clinical interns at Psychotherapy Centre “Golpańska”, The Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology and in the Psychosomatic Unit of the Bogdanowicz Children Hospital, where she worked with families. She previously worked with teachers working with difficult youth and conducted workshops for parents of kids with ADD.


She works individually with adult and adolescents. In her works, she uses many branches of psychotherapy, but mainly psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and systemic. She specializes in diagnosis and psychotherapy of children and adolescents, especially with anxiety disorders and rebellious behaviors.

Operating characteristics

She worked in a public Gymnasium as a psychologist for many years. At present, she works as a psychologist in the Warsaw Montessori School.

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